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For years, anti-IHs used the argument that Ichigo does not have feelings for Orihime because he’s never blushed toward her in the past. I’ve read countless posts about this, about how Ichigo sees Orihime as a sexless object, he sees her like a little sister, etc. And it’s just so wonderfully ironic that the very argument previously used against Ichihime - that Ichigo has never displayed sexual attraction in the past - is actually now working in Ichihime’s favour.

If Urahara designed Orihime’s outfit with the sole purpose of teasing Ichigo, what basis did Urahara have for thinking he would succeed? Ichigo hasn’t “blushed sexually” towards Orihime in the past, so why would Urahara think he will now?

It’s quite simple, really. Urahara obviously thinks there’s romantic attraction there. If there’s been no previous indication of sexual attraction, then the answer must be that Urahara perceived there to be romantic feelings for Orihime, and so inferred that Ichigo would actually harbour feelings of physical attraction towards her. Despite the lack of previous “evidence”, Urahara knew what Ichigo’s reaction would be; he obviously suspected something. 

And Urahara’s suspicions


were proved correct.

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He can’t win. That’s because our masked bandit is a coward. Yeah. He never took an oath, he’s a fake. He’s a liar and a coward.

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haven’t posted here in a while but my friend asked me what’s the appeal behind squad 13
so yeah


haven’t posted here in a while but my friend asked me what’s the appeal behind squad 13

so yeah

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Tattsun being a supportive senpai to a nervous Shoutan~

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….was it really necessary to make him that attractive? he has two lines, is on screen for less than five seconds, has no name and probably will never get one so why did you feel the need to make him so fucking pretty? that’s unfair…

guys. this is a real person. 

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get to know me: female characters [1/5]  Orihime Inoue 

➥ warm·heart·ed: having or showing kindness, sympathy and affection.

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Never ask Polo for help with Japanese.

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